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IRS Installment Agreement

The IRS has the primary concern of collecting taxes and gives very little thought to your financial well-being or the impact levies on your accounts or property liens and seizures can have on your life. An attorney at the Law Office of A. Antonio Tomas, P.A. always puts the client's best interests first. Financial worries concerning the IRS can be the most stressful there are. If you have what feels like an insurmountable tax debt and have the IRS hounding you for payments, an IRS installment agreement may be an option for you and a Miami tax lawyer at this firm may be able to help.

About IRS Installments and Payment Plans

The IRS approves very few people for payment plans or installment agreements. Applying for this agreement is a negotiation that requires a great deal of knowledge of tax codes, laws, forms and procedures. Your chances for being approved are significantly better when you have the help of a dedicated Miami-Dade County IRS installment agreement lawyer. Tax attorney Tomas has helped numerous clients get relief from an overwhelming tax liability by negotiating with the IRS on the client's behalf and showing that a payment plan is actually the IRS' best bet for getting anything from the client. You need an agreement that makes sense for your actual finances and not one based on what the IRS calculates you should pay.

Retaining a Miami Tax Attorney

The IRS may attempt to hand you a payment plan that will not give you any financial relief at all. Having a skilled attorney representing you will ensure that you are not taken advantage of or given a plan with ridiculous amounts to be paid each month. Contact us right away to see how a Miami tax lawyer may be able to help you get a handle on your financial future. Call for a free initial consultation!

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