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I Need Information About My IRS Debt, But I'm Afraid I'll "Wake A Sleeping Giant"
I Need Information About My IRS Debt, But I'm Afraid I'll "Wake A Sleeping Giant"

Do you owe money to the IRS, but haven’t received any letters or notices in a very long time? Are you wondering where you stand, but you don’t want to wake the sleeping giant to find out? Do you think if you call or write to the IRS, it will trigger a series of events that will make them come after you?

One possible solution for your dilemma is the IRS Practitioner Priority Service. The IRS Practitioner Priority Service is a telephone line that the IRS has made available to tax professionals, like attorneys and CPAs. Tax professionals can call this line to inquire about their clients’ accounts and debts.

Calls that go to the IRS Practitioner Priority Service are kept “under the IRS radar.” The IRS representatives who work at the Practitioner Priority Service are not tied to the IRS collection division and don’t share or exchange information. These employees are not IRS Revenue Officers and they do not work for the IRS Collections department, their job is to simply answer questions and provide information about a clients’ accounts. Inquiries made to the IRS Practitioner Priority service are kept low-key and pose minimal risk to you.

Our attorney A. Antonio Tomas can find out the following things from the IRS Practitioner Priority Service:

  • How much longer the IRS has to collect the taxes from you. The IRS has 10 years to collect on tax debts. The Practitioner Priority Service can let us know the end dates the IRS has in their internal database.
  • If the IRS has sent out a Final Notice of Intent to Levy, whether they can levy your wages, accounts, and property, and if you can appeal to stop it.
  • If the IRS has your account in active collection status or currently uncollectible inactive status.
  • If your case has been assigned to the IRS Automated Collection Service or a local Revenue Officer.
  • The last time you filed a tax return, and what information the IRS has for preparing the returns.
  • If the IRS has properly applied and processed any payments you have made.
  • Exactly how much you owe the IRS, including calculations for interest and penalties. Interest and penalties can double the tax you owe every five years.
  • If your tax liabilities can be discharged in bankruptcy. This will give you a clean slate with the IRS.

When we call the Practitioner Priority Service, we can also secure internal IRS transcripts of your account to verify all of the information that is given to us.

If you are worried about checking on your tax debts, we can help. No matter how complex your tax issues are, we can make sure that your rights and interests are protected. We offer excellent customer service that is backed by our stellar reputation. Let us put our skills to work for you today.

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