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    • Choosing an Attorney

      Finding the right attorney is an imperative part of your defense strategy. At the Tomas Law Firm, we believe that our ...

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    • Protecting Your Rights & Your Freedom

      If you were charged with a serious crime, your future, freedom, and reputation may be on the line. See how our Miami ...

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    • Representing Clients in IRS Tax Audit

      Facing a tax audit is never easy. At the Tomas Law Firm, we take the time to know each of our clients’ cases, so they ...

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    • Contesting IRS Assessments in Court

      We represent clients in tax court. If the IRS believes that you made a deliberate or non-deliberate error on your tax ...

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    • How Can a Tax Attorney Help You?

      Watch our videos to see what a Miami tax lawyer from the Tomas Law Firm can do for you. We offer free initial ...

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