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What Can Trigger an Audit?

There are a number of factors that the IRS reviews automatically when running returns through their computerized system. Specific circumstances can trigger a red flag that will then be reviewed more closely by a tax auditor. Some common red flags that may lead to an audit include such things as itemized deductions that are much higher than the average for your tax bracket, consistent losses in a business year after year, higher income tax returns which allow for the potential of collecting more taxes, charitable contributions which are disproportionately high for a person's income, and complex investment and tax transactions without clear explanation.

At the Law Office of A. Antonio Tomas, P.A., attorney Tomas is a Board Certified Tax Attorney with years of experience in helping guide clients through complex tax audits. If you or your business has received a notice of a pending audit, contact the firm right away for experienced legal assistance. Contacting a Miami tax lawyer as soon as possible will allow the time needed to properly prepare a strategy that will assist in reducing the risk of additional taxes.

Learn how a Miami tax lawyer could protect you!

For protection from a possible tax audit trigger, consulting with the firm prior to ever being in the position of having to defend yourself or your company is advisable. Our legal team can review your specific circumstances and provide knowledgeable legal advice on how to avoid triggers that can then lower your chances of being at risk of an audit. Proper bookkeeping practices also safeguard you if you are audited, so that there is no risk of additional taxes being levied if everything is adequately accounted for in your documentation. Contact a Miami tax attorney for help in avoiding the trigger of a tax audit through proper financial planning.

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