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Keeping Proper Tax Records

Many people fear the IRS, that large, impersonal organization that apparently holds so much power against individuals. The fear of a tax audit makes many people extremely nervous, as the vast resources of that entity overpower the available time and effort most have to deal with the problem. Fortunately, a Miami tax attorney at the Law Office of A. Antonio Tomas, P.A. has the resources you can count on for effective protection against just such a circumstance. With years of experience and as a Board Certified Tax Lawyer, the firm strives to help clients avoid tax issues and the possibility of a tax audit through proper preparation ahead of time.

Keeping proper tax records is of utmost importance in today's tax climate. Businesses especially are being carefully scrutinized by the IRS in order to determine whether more tax revenues can be raised. Having appropriate and accurate tax records and tax planning can alleviate the worry of a tax audit and actually lessen your odds of an audit. Even if you were to be audited, with the proper paperwork established, you would have little to worry about if an audit did occur.

How an Experienced Miami Tax Attorney Can Help

Our firm has an excellent reputation of helping our clients with proper preparation of their books to avoid costly tax errors. Basic steps are needed in proofing your books against the IRS inadvertently disallowing certain items because of the way they were presented. As long as an accurate and lawful method is used in showing all taxable transactions, your likelihood of an audit will be reduced and the chances of having to pay additional taxes can be lessened, if not eliminated. We urge you to contact a Miami tax attorney at our firm for the skilled legal advice we can provide in setting up your tax records to protect your interests.

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