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When you are arrested for a crime there are many uncertainties ahead. Fortunately, for those that have a skilled Miami criminal attorney on their side the road ahead can become much more clear and easy to navigate. At Law Office of A. Antonio Tomas, P.A., a member of the team provides valuable service to the clients they represent through extensive knowledge of the laws pertaining to a charge and a thorough comprehension of the legal process. The justice system is extremely complex, leaving many unsure where to begin defending against their charges. While there are laws set by the constitution to protect the rights of all citizens that is not always enough to prevent law enforcement from treating suspects in an undeserving manner. They can often view those that have been charged as guilty before they have even had their case go to trial. When you are arrested the first thing you should do is to contact an attorney from the firm. They can begin defending you immediately including during interrogation from the police. You are also highly advised to exercise your right to remain silent. Often times, what you say will do more damage than good since it can be used against you in court.

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Representation Against a Crime

You can discuss the details of your case with an attorney from the firm during a free consultation. During this time they will be looking for any pertinent information they can use to build a compelling case, in addition to answering the questions you may have. There are many tactics that a lawyer from the firm can employ when seeking to protect you against a conviction. One of the first steps will involve doing their own investigation. Many times this can turn up valuable resources that they can add to your defense. This may even include any wrongdoing by the police that can lead evidence to be disregarded from trial. Their team will take out all available strategies, knowing the damaging effects that can be caused by a guilty verdict. In the state of Miami those that are convicted for a crime can face any outcome of penalties including expensive fines and jail time. A criminal record is also open information to the public and will turn up during background tests that are run by individuals such as an employer. Many deal with the continued harm of their crime even after they have served their time from a record that will not go away.

Drug crimes are just one of the areas that can lead to years behind bars and can include possession, sales, distribution and trafficking. When assault is involved, especially aggravated assault that involved a weapon, you can be dealing with a felony that will not only go on your record but can follow you around for years to come. A Miami criminal defense attorney from the firm will also fight to defend you if you have been charged for domestic violence or theft. Law enforcement is always on the lookout for those that they suspect are guilty and many innocent victims can find themselves behind bars if they fail to retain the services of an attorney that can effectively argue their case to the jury. In some instances it may just be that the sentence you are faced with is higher than what the crime deserves. They can aggressively defend against this type of situation, striving relentlessly to have the charge either reduced or dropped completely. They offer tough legal skill for those that are in danger of a sentencing for a violent crime including those that involved bodily injury and are considered more serious.

Not only does their firm represent adults with profound capability, they are able to defend minors that have been charged for a juvenile crime such as battery, petty theft, underage drinking and more. If found guilty the effects can be with them long term and put them behind even before their life has fully begun. The team at the office looks to give them a fair chance by avoiding the conviction or reducing the repercussions that come along with it. Those that are charged for a sex crime can often be looked down upon regardless of whether they committed the crime or not. You need a defender that is taking a stand for you against the powerful force of the government.

Even when driving on the road you are in great risk of being charged for a crime. It can include a traffic offense such as speeding or a hit and run, when you leave the scene of an accident. The consequences will vary and can range from an expensive ticket up to jail time. Even those that are accused of violating a traffic law are advised to contact an attorney. When you pay the ticket you are admitting guilt to the court when in fact you may have a valid case against the citation. Not only can you be left to pay the ticket but your insurance rates may increase as well. Another driving offense that can occur involves drinking and driving with a BAC level that is over the legal limit of .08 percent. A DUI is a common charge and there are various mistakes that could have led to you being wrongfully arrested and charged. While many think there is little that can be done for this type of offense, field sobriety tests are not without fault and neither are the officers that give them.

Some charges can be increased in their seriousness when they no longer fall under the jurisdiction of the state but are left up to the federal government to prosecute. Federal crimes can include offenses such as drug crimes, murder, white collar crimes and more that will deal with a greater potential for harsh punishments. White collar crimes may not be the typical charge that is thought of in relation to criminal defense but those that are accused of it face just as much of a risk as those convicted for other crimes. A white collar crime may involve fraud, tax evasion, identity theft and other illegal actions that can result in a detrimental end result for those considered guilty by the court. One of the penalties that can occur from a conviction is probation. A person will be placed under restriction for a set time period and will have certain requirements they must follow until they are released. This can include drug testing, staying away from certain areas, checking in with a probation officer and more. When the terms of probation are violated a person can deal with a harsh blow including an extension of their probation period.

Criminal Defense from a Miami Criminal Attorney

A Miami criminal lawyer can help when the restrictions are believed to be violated and may be able to demonstrate to the court sound reasoning not to impose additional consequences. When you are in need of exceptional criminal defense, do not wait to call the office and schedule a free consultation. Their years of experience and in depth knowledge of criminal law can aid you in avoiding a conviction that will remain on your record permanently.

For reputable defense against a criminal charge, contact a Miami criminal defense lawyer from the firm immediately.

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